Young people between dreams and needs (1994)

The aim of this work is to focus on the crucial junctures in the condition of young people, laying bare the various problems and highlighting the most significant trends. The survey covers social, political and cultural areas ranging from school education to unemployment, from criminal behaviour to opinions on crime, from cultural consumption to xenophobia, from small identities to marginalised groups.
For each of these dimensions, an attempt has been made to draw some interpretative lines based on the collected data from field surveys and opinion polls, in order to reconstruct a picture as exhaustive as possible of the current condition of young people in Italy and its repercussions on the political, social and cultural fabric of the country.



Chapter 1
How many are they, how many will they be

Chapter 2
Education between obligation and cultural accomplishment

Chapter 3 
Waiting for work. Youth unemployment

Chapter Four
Creating jobs… Youth entrepreneurship

Chapter Five
The conscription service

Chapter 6 
Juvenile crime

Chapter 7
Youth xenophobia

Chapter 8
The boys of the stadium. Football between fans and violence

Chapter 9 
Young people and mass media
Karaoke on TV
The information of the press

Chapter 10 
The historical memory of young people

Chapter 11 
Young people and institutions

Chapter 12 
Young people’s views on crime

Chapter 13 
What values for young people in the 1990s?

Chapter 14
In search of identity

Chapter 15. A vulnerable world
Drug addiction
The smile of Aphrodite. Young people and homosexuality
The young people’s ultimate choice


Summary Document

The youth situation in Italy

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