Stock market: confidence grows. Four-monthly report on stock market trends (2005)

For the third consecutive four-month period, the stock indices of the main world stock exchanges, including that of Milan, showed positive values, up compared to a year ago. This consolidates a positive trend that had already become clearly visible in the Eurispes analysis of April last year. The last four months (end of November 2004-end of March 2005) have confirmed the positive trend, and indeed strengthened it and made it more convincing, albeit limited to the European markets and Tokyo. The American stock exchange index (Dow Jones) remained stagnant in the four months, with minimum growth of less than a quarter percentage point, while the Nasdaq went against the trend, showing a worrying loss in value (-5.24%), even for a list that has always been characterised by strong fluctuations. Piazza Affari performed very well with its growth being the most satisfactory among those analysed with an increase of 9.62% in four months, that is, since the end of November.


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A look back
The Milan Stock Exchange
Technical note

Summary Document

The positive performance of world stock exchanges in the last quarter of 2004 and the first quarter of 2005, albeit limited to the European markets and Tokyo

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