The phenomenon of usury: the dark side of the credit market (1997)

Usury has ancient origins. Today, the phenomenon has taken on different connotations, being characterised both by the high interest in the money lent and, above all, by its violent and intimidating nature. Usury is an atypical crime in which the relationship between the usurer and the borrower is not immediately violent and extortionate but is instead structured in formal contractual terms. According to research on the subject, there are different usurers: the micro-usurer, the professional and the criminal organisation. Thus, usury becomes a ground between common and organised crime, marking the transition and the intertwining of legality and illegality. Eurispes has carried out a survey to identify the dynamics and paths characterising usury under the patronage of the Government’s Extraordinary Commissioner for the coordination of anti-rocket and anti-usury actions.





Volume I








Chapter 1. Scenario analysis


Economic analysis




The economic analysis of the usury market and indirect indicators


The Italian productive system


The causes of the fragility of small enterprises


Indirect indicators of the size of the usury market


Repression of the phenomenon: reports and arrests for usury


Legislative Analysis


The evolution of the phenomenon of usury


Legislation prior to Law 108/96


Commentary on Law 108/96


Usury in foreign legislations




Chapter 2. Sample survey “The phenomenon of usury: the hidden side of the credit market”.




The sampling relative to the individual path


The socio-economic context


The factors that determine success


The perception of the phenomenon of usury


Usury and the credit market


Usury criminality and institutions


Usury and civil society


The Individual Path




Chapter 3. Sample survey “Young people and the culture of money”.






Young People, Money and Work


Relationship with money and family habits


Purchasing habits


Borrowing in the habits of young people


Young People and the Perception of Usury




Chapter 4. Anti-Racket and Anti-Usury Associations and Foundations


The Sample Survey


Survey forms




Chapter 5. Usury through the Press




Quantitative Analysis


Institutions and Usury


Public Administration and Usury


Credit system and usury


Civil Society and Usury


Crime and usury


Areas of criticality




Volume II






Statistical elaboration:


The phenomenon of usury: the hidden side of the credit market


Young people and the culture of money




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