The white paper on yachting sector in Italy (1993)


The White Paper the yachting sector is the first and wide-ranging contribution dedicated to this sector in Italy. The work, which is based on two direct surveys of users and of the industry, considers the world of yachting, the manufacturing industry, the boating market, nautical sports, the future of nautical tourism, the relationship between taxation and boating, and attempts to put order into the tangle of laws and regulations that make life difficult for pleasure boaters in Italy. In addition, the White Paper is enriched by the contributions supplied in interviews from the sector’s leading players.

The results of the research in all the areas explored are of great importance, as they not only dispel any prejudices but also confirm some of the realities that UCINA and the yachtspeople’s representatives have long been trying to make the public opinion and those in charge of the sector’s policies aware of.


Volume I
Chapter 1: Me and my yacht: who is the Italian yachtsman?
Chapter 2: The Boating Market
Chapter 3: The boating industry
Chapter 4: Nautical tourism: resources and prospects
Chapter 5: Taxation and the boating industry
Chapter 6: The yachting industry in Italian legislation
Chapter 7: The yachting industry and sport

Volume II
Interviews with privileged witnesses

Volume III
Statistical appendices

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