Zooitaly. Reflections on the Man-Animal Relationship (1999)

This work describes and analyses some of the many forms of the human-animal relationship. While focusing mainly on the Italian scene, it explores emerging or little-known issues. It primarily deals with the complex implications of the veterinary profession and pet therapy. Moreover, there are a lot of data and reflections on pet ownership and care, abandonment, vivisection and vegetarianism. There are also two in-depth reports on the Aquarium of Genoa and the Biopark of Rome.

The research was based on bibliographic and journalistic sources and direct contacts with environmental and animal welfare associations.


The Survey
Animals and non-animals?
The iguana on the motorway
Carpaccio and powder
Doctors on the front line
That therapist is a dog!
On the Italian track: from Genoa to Rome
Interviews with privileged witnesses

Summary Document

A study of the complex reality of the animal world and how humans relate to it

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