Vulnerable people in the Lazio Region: demand and supply of social assistance for elderly and disabled people (1991)

The research carried out by Eurispes on the situation of disabled and elderly people in Lazio is divided into several sections. Firstly, there is an analysis of the legislative framework concerning disabled people. The data is grouped according to the type of disability and compared with the national data. In addition, an examination of some demographic, social and economic characteristics of the disabled in Lazio, with constant reference to Italy as a whole, a wide-ranging reflection on the phenomenon of disability in the school context, both at a national level and in Lazio, with some considerations on its evolution in recent years. Furthermore, the study examines the situation of the elderly in Lazio and the elderly in the rest of the Country, analysing the situation of the elderly in Lazio, accompanied by a legal premise and some forecasts on the evolution of the Lazio population over the next few decades. Finally, it takes into account the dynamics of public spending on assistance (especially for the disabled and the elderly), with particular attention to welfare spending in Lazio. This is followed by a survey of the national legislative panorama.




Chapter 1. Disabled people in the Lazio Region

The legislative framework

The dimensions of the phenomenon

Some socio-demographic characteristics of disabled people in Lazio

Handicap and school in Lazio


Chapter 2. The elderly in Lazio

The “elderly” problem

The evolutionary trends of the Italian population: ageing

Population and the elderly in Lazio

Demographic forecasts in the Lazio region: the future old people


Chapter 3. The institutional responses: the administrative and legislative instruments for the assistance of the elderly and the handicapped in Latium

The public expenditure for assistance

The Financial Commitment of the State

The welfare interventions of the Ministry of the Interior: the assisted in the Lazio Region

The Welfare Expenditures of Regions and Local Bodies

The welfare expenditures of the Lazio Region

The fundamental legislation for elderly and handicapped people in the Lazio Region

The most recent interventions of the Lazio Region for the development of social services

The regional legislative panorama concerning handicapped and elderly people


Chapter 4. The social structures for the assistance in the Lazio Region

A brief outline of the national situation

The assistance Institutes in Lazio


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