Family observatory (2011)

The Eurispes Permanent Family Observatory is open to the contribution of associations and institutions dealing with family-related issues. The theme of the family and the changes that have taken place to alter its structure, and the issues related to the complexity of our times, have represented an important line of investigation that has accompanied the work of Eurispes since its foundation. Over the years, many innovative studies and investigations have been produced: from the constant monitoring of the consequences of the introduction of divorce and legal separation to the emergence of what we were the first to call ‘stepfamilies’ or ‘recomposed families’, from assisted procreation to the advent of de facto couples, from the evolution of the role of women within the family and the working world, to the new male housekeepers, from the contribution, not only in economic terms, offered by the families to young couples, to investigations on childhood and adolescence.
Today we find ourselves having to study not a single, defined model, but a plurality of new ways of being a family. This is why Eurispes has decided to update its analysis of the various phenomena affecting the family by creating the Permanent Family Observatory.


The framework
The Observatory
The main topics of research

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The Observatory focuses on the family and the various trends that have modified its structure, as well as the complex issues of our modern age

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