Survey on the living conditions of over-65s during the Covid-19 period in Sardinia (2021)

Eurispes and CIF Sardegna, in partnership with CSV Sardegna Solidale and IFOS, and with the contribution of the Regional Department for Planning and Budget, have carried out a survey on the condition of the over-65s in the Covid-19 period in Sardinia.

The difficult and delicate situation created by the health emergency, as well as changing the lifestyles of citizens, has had a profound impact on the experience of the most fragile section of society, namely the over-65s.

The aim of the survey, therefore, is to study this phenomenon, with the aim of identifying the critical points due to social isolation and any measures that can be taken by the regional government to protect the weakest members of society.

The survey was carried out on a representative sample, stratified by gender, age group and geographical area, and involved 969 over-65s distributed throughout the island. The questionnaire administered, which was strictly anonymous, consisted of 30 questions and was divided into four sections: registry, housing situation, quarantine and future prospective.

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