Strategic guidelines for local development and promotion of the Iblea agri-food system 2005

Agriculture represents the fundamental topic of the Sicilian economy. Moreover, it is not possible to face the challenges of the economic and social growth of the region without taking into account the agricultural structure, which still represents an open question and a strategic element for the development of the whole territory. The direct survey in the field involved the administration of a semi-structured questionnaire to a representative sample of 117 agricultural entrepreneurs belonging to the agro-food system area of the Province of Ragusa, stratified by the municipality of territorial belonging and by main sectors or production chains of the reference area. It was therefore possible to analyse the entrepreneurial models and the work practices of the farmers, drawing an exhaustive picture of the strengths and weaknesses in the innovation process and in the orientation towards the quality of the entrepreneurial culture within the area.




First part

General framework and sample survey


1. The socio-economic structure of the area. Analysis of the local productive context

The strategic role of agriculture in the Sicilian economy

The productive system of Ragusa in the regional and national context

Uncomfortable legacies and development prospects for the Ragusa economy


2. Characteristics of typical productions in the area

Agriculture and agro-industry in the province of Ragusa

Characteristics of the local offer

Product traceability and supply chain integration as an answer to the challenges of globalisation

The typical productions of the area towards the integration of the offer

Elements of SWOT Analysis


3. Sample survey: Business models and work cultures among              entrepreneurs in the Ragusa agro-food system area

Methodological notes: the questionnaire aimed at the company check-up, the selection of the reference target and the involvement and awareness-raising activities of the companies

Company identity

Production integration and supply chain relations

Entrepreneurs’ attitude to change and investment

The degree of mechanisation and technological innovation

Quality orientation

Training needs

Characteristics of the agricultural workforce and critical issues


Second part

Strategic guidelines


4. Training needs for the development of the local agri-food system

The general framework on training

Analysis of training needs

Not one, but several training models: customisation of interventions

Transversal and specialised skills for the development of the supply chain



5. Female entrepreneurship as a strategic resource for the development of the territory

Female entrepreneurship: a growing reality

Law 215/92

Strengths and weaknesses of the regulatory instrument

Concluding remarks


6. Quality production and the typical local offer

The offer of quality products as an element of competitiveness for agricultural enterprises

The quality of agricultural and food products

Typical quality productions in the Ibleo agro-food district

Initiatives for the protection of quality products in the Ibleo district


7. Strategies for the enhancement of the territory and the promotion of the Ragusa agri-food area-system

A new way of understanding the territory

Competition between local areas in the globalised context

Business marketing and territorial marketing in the agri-food system

The Copai: a “virtual” company for the promotion of the territory

The “Isolatino Project”

“Cestobarocco”: a collective brand for products from Ragusa

“Slow Baroque”: knowledge and flavours of the Iblea area

Ideas for an effective territorial marketing action



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