First report on the the Italian food scenario

Overbuilding, urbanisation, unauthorised building, deforestation and lack of watercourse maintenance are making Italy’s soils poorer and thus more vulnerable to atmospheric agents. The plague of forest fires also weakens the static capacity of soils. The State Forestry Corps is committed to safeguarding the territory through careful and continuous prevention and counteraction. Moreover, one of the main objectives of the Corps’ activities is the fight against food frauds and counterfeits. Food safety is a highly topical issue for Italy and involves many aspects linked to the value of food quality, human health, and the defence of the environment and territory against neglect and decline. Food, environmental and energy issues are closely interconnected. Maintaining typical agricultural production in the area as part of the Made in Italy food chain of excellence, which is also capable of generating high economic returns and high incomes for farmers, is a priority action to enhance and protect the environment and improve services in the area.



Towards a new security perspective

by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes

The environmental issue in Italy

The state of the territory

Environmental illegality

Fighting environmental illegality

The Italian National Forestry Corps

History and institutional mission

The Italian Forestry Administration from 1822 to 1861

The Italian Forestry Administration from 1861 to 1877

The Italian Forestry Administration from 1878 to 1915

The Italian Forestry Administration from 1915 to 1945

The forties, the seedbed

The Italian Forestry Administration from 1948 to the present day

The Institutional Mission




Operational Activity

Agri-Food safety

Main operations carried out

The Italian National Forestry Corps in the press

The winning strategy




Environmental education

Awareness campaigns

Fighting crime

The network and control bodies


Listening to the territory


IN.I.P.A.F. and N.I.C.A.F.

The N.I.A.B.

The N.A.F.

The N.I.R.D.A.

The N.O.A.

The Investigative Sections of the CITES Service

Specialized Services


Statistical appendix


File Indice

Summary Document

The environmental issue in Italy, for a security perspective. The prevention and law enforcement activities of the Italian National Forestry Corps

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