Inside the Lega. How it was born, how it grows, how it communicates (1994)

The study entitled Dentro la Lega (Inside the League) emphasises the role that its language and, more generally, its communication strategies have played in the birth and development of the Lega.
If it is true that Umberto Bossi’s Lega is in fact the most significant and relevant political case that has ever appeared in the post-war Italian political scene, it is also true that the Lega revolution against the so called party-dominated regime ” was also the result of a completely new communicative model, which supported a unique phenomenon of aggregation, developed for a long time outside of the mass media circuit considered the maximum (and sometimes, wrongly, the only) instrument of political consensus (and not) of our time. The attitude of the Lega, which developed between 1989 and 1992, goes beyond the purely political game to become a real phenomenon of social custom, which was first rejected from the outside, then underestimated, then criticised and finally carefully observed by both the political forces and the press. On a closer look, the League shows peculiar characteristics, original notes and features that do not always match the image communicated to public opinion in recent years.



Chapter 1
The unstoppable rise of the Lega movement

Chapter Two
The Lega revolution

Chapter 3
Identity and self-assertion of the Lega culture

Chapter 4
The Lega’s political language

Chapter 5

Summary Document

The unstoppable rise of the Lega movement

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