Image and knowledge of South Korea among Italian citizens (1997)


The awareness of a lack of knowledge and the consequent need to consolidate the image of Korea among Italian citizens were the starting point for an initial survey on the perception and profile that Italians have of this country. The need for rapid achievement of the cognitive objectives envisaged motivated the choice of the survey, carried out between 29 November and 3 December 1996, on a sample of 1,000 citizens – resident throughout Italy, over 16 years of age and with a university degree – representative of the Italian population. The survey’s questions were intended to capture how Italians perceive and feel about Oriental countries in general and Korea in particular. In the context of objective knowledge, the most explicative and significant indicators were identified on questions such as, for example, the size of Korea, its capital, the name of its President, and the reasons why North Korea differs from South Korea. The survey also included a review of Korea’s development and knowledge of Korea through information and communication. Concerning the commercial aspect, the respondents were asked to answer about the products on the Italian market most closely associated with Korea and, in the case of the purchase of Korean products, which ones were the most chosen and according to which criteria.







Research findings




Elements of knowledge of Korea




Knowledge of Korea from a cultural point of view




Knowledge of Korea from a commercial point of view








Sample structure




Statistical appendix


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