The school expenditure (2002)

The results of the ” School Basket ” are part of the surveys that Eurispes has promoted to monitor the actual expenditure of each Italian family. The final result shows that an average of 387 euros was spent per family for each child at school in September 2002, an increase of 8.5% compared to the previous year; the cost of school expenses for the current year has therefore more than tripled compared to the one calculated by Istat for the item “Education”, which indicated an increase in expenditure of 2.7%. Expenditure on schools is not the same throughout the country: schools are more expensive in Central Italy and cheaper in the South.


Eurispes statistical survey
North, Centre and South
Composition of school spending
Backpacks, diaries and pencil cases
School inflation
Eurispes inflation and Istat inflation
Inflation calculation changes the GDP estimate


Survey on households expenditure on their children’s education

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