Province of Catania: 2003 Report

The political and administrative decentralisation process that has affected the Italian institutional system and brought power closer to the places and subjects directly involved in decision-making processes has also led to a profound transformation of the socio-economic research paradigms and the criteria for interpreting the various territorial realities. In accordance with the new institutional framework, Eurispes considered it essential to design a territorial research system aimed at reading and analysing local socio-economic dynamics and the structural transformations that characterise the main sectors of administrative intervention. With this in mind, the Second Report of the Province of Catania has once again made it possible to apply a territorial analysis model capable of exploring in depth the most significant social phenomena (from the economy to employment, from the environment to the territory, from justice to cultural policies and welfare). The systemic model of territorial analysis has been integrated with techniques and tools of social investigation that are increasingly close to the participatory needs of the population, surveying the opinions, expectations and needs of citizen-users, and thus providing valuable indications to guarantee the legitimacy of decision-making processes.








General considerations

Local development in the globalisation scenario

Managing complexity: what role for local authorities?

The competitiveness of Catania’s socio-economic structure

Strategic planning of territorial development

Defining intervention priorities

Cooperating to compete

Avoiding the risks of unbalanced territorial development

Enhancing the social dimension of local development

Active employment policies in the Catania context

Sustainable management of environmental resources

Culture as a factor of social and economic growth

Territorial marketing as a support tool for local development policies


I Section

The economy

Development policies

Youth unemployment and job centres

The technological centre


Environmental issues and resources

Infrastructure and transport

The real estate market

The numbers of the territory: demographic aspects

Cultural policies


Protection of minors

Associations and the third sector




The health of the population


II Section

The survey


File Indice

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