Italian general practitioners’ attitudes and awareness on blood donation (2003)

According to Eurispes’ survey, 47.4% of Italian general practitioners are “quite” concerned about blood donation. In addition, more than one in four (27.9%) of the interviewees believe that the level of interest is high and that Italian doctors are “very” interested in blood donation. However, 75.3% of the respondents doctors expressed positive evaluations. Nevertheless, negative judgements were also expressed by 24.7% of the sample: more particularly, 23.1% of the interviewees believe that Italian doctors are not very concerned about blood donation, while barely 1.6% claim that there is no interest among the medical profession.
These are some of the results of the survey conducted by Eurispes in collaboration with Avis on the subject of blood donation, with the aim of verifying the level of awareness of family doctors on this issue. It also attempted to identify any critical points that hinder the spread of blood donation practices in our country and to gather suggestions from the medical profession for the promotion of an effective public health campaign.


Eurispes-Avis survey on blood donation to assess the level of awareness among Italian general practitioners

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