1 May Labour Day (2000)

In Europe, governments and politicians are still showing second thoughts and uncertainties linked to the old industrial world and its bureaucratic and trade union structures. The reality of the labour market is moving towards flexible forms of work in terms of working hours, time, pay rates, and contractual obligations. It is more than ever necessary for the trade unions to be attentive, but they must profoundly change their ways of thinking because if they do not grasp the sense of the profound transformation that the world of work is undergoing, they risk, to defend outdated positions of power, closing in on anti-historical barriers.

Eurispes’ contribution to the debate on the state of the world of work at the beginning of the millennium starts with some reflections, in no particular order, on unemployment, labour supply and demand, labour relations, undeclared work, young people, women, training, security and new working frontiers.


Chapter 1. Unemployment

Unemployment trends and rates in Italy

Institutional and alternative proposals: the 35 hours, the minimum subsistence, the citizenship income

Amsterdam, Naples, Rome: the unemployed people’s movement

The Europe of double-digit unemployment

Employment policies: European directives and employment plans


Chapter 2. Job advertisements, those who seek, they find…maybe not

The supply

The demand

Supply and demand

Labour supply and demand: a difficult matching


Chapter 3. Atypical work: between opportunity and need

Job sharing: a new frontier

Temporary work


Chapter 4. Undeclared work

The situation in Italy

Illegal and child labour


Chapter 5. Youth entrepreneurship: an opportunity to be protagonists in the world of work

Facilitated financing for youth entrepreneurship

The Results of Facilitated Youth Entrepreneurship

Prospects and ideas for the future

Youth Entrepreneurship: an opportunity to be taken


Chapter 6. Gender Gap: Male and Female Employment

Employment disparities

Signs of change


Chapter 7. Training: between employment, motivation and quality of work

The organisation of vocational training in Italy


Chapter 8. Safety at work


Chapter 9. The future of employment and the occupations of the future

An emerging sector: the Net-job


Summary Document

A contribution by Eurispes to the debate and the state of employment at the beginning of the millennium

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