From ‘muschilli’ to ‘baby killers’. Survey on Italian juvenile crime (1992)

This work by Eurispes is conceived as an original contribution to the analysis of juvenile deviance, as an update and an integration of the previous survey carried out in 1988. Within this context, the Institute’s attention to the study of social marginality is developed not only at a merely quantitative level but primarily in an attempt to elaborate an articulated interpretation of why a child commits adults’ mistakes and crimes.



Chapter 1
Some brief historical background

Chapter 2
The quantitative aspects of the problem

Chapter 3 
Geographical distribution

Chapter 4
Typology of offences

Chapter 5
Socio-cultural features of juvenile offenders

Chapter 6 Deviance
Deviance of drug-dependent minors

Chapter 7 
Child exploitation and organised crime

Summary Document

An unusual investigation into juvenile deviance and crime

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