An Eurispes’ report on the yachting sector in Italy (1992)


The most important data related to the Italian yachting sector are the following: 700 shipyards, 250 nautical industries, 4,500 commercial companies, 20,000 direct employees and 140,000 related to induced activities, about 3,100 billion lire of turnover. This young sector has previously been entirely self-financed by its operators and still has great potential. If properly incentivised, the boating industry could significantly increase turnover and the workforce and be one of the main drivers to relaunch Italian tourism. Demand for active, sporty, cruising holidays is growing fast, even if limited by heavy taxation. The stereotype of nautical users is changing: most boats used for sports or recreational purposes are now destined for middle and sometimes lower-middle income segments. However, to develop this sector, a series of problems must be immediately addressed: the absence of a law on marinas, the shortage of berths and inadequate services, the high cost of labour, the underestimation of foreign competition, the complete lack of any political and economic support for the future year, the unpreparedness and short-sightedness of fiscal policy.


Chapter 1. An overview
Chapter 2. The development of the boating industry in Italy
Chapter 3. Production and national market for yachts
Chapter 4. The world of accessories and engines
Chapter 5. Chartering
Chapter 6. Foreign trade
Chapter 7. The obstacles of bureaucracy
Chapter 8. The need for further coordination among authorities
Chapter 9. The taxman loves the sailors
Chapter 10. Sea stories
Chapter 11. Conclusions: the future of yachting

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