“The Lord of the Animals”. Hunting between myth and modernization (1995)

This new research that the Institute has dedicated to hunting is an attempt to describe a path of reconstruction and scientific updating of the phenomenon, and a need for critical analysis of the new economic, cultural and social indications that the hunting debate highlights. The work aims to stimulate a high moment of confrontation on the redevelopment of cultural and environmental issues. The research has observed the phenomenon through a reflection that interweaves anthropological analysis with economic and production indicators, legislative aspects with those relating to communication. Finally, the study has reconstructed a historical path of bibliographic documentation. We believe it is essential to continue to propose, in continuity with the cultural strand of research presented by Eurispes in recent years, a collaboration between farmers, environmentalists and hunters for the construction of an integrated project that aims at environmental conservation, economic enhancement and overall development of Italy’s natural resources.






Chapter 1

Hunting, an anthropological reflection

Hunting, an anthropological reflection

The ethnological level

The historical path

The modern age

Hunting as a passion: memories and remembrance

Folkloric analysis

A concluding note


Chapter 2

Hunting legislation

Italian hunting legislation

Short historical excursus of the Italian hunting legislation

Law 968/77 innovative aspects compared to the previous legislation

The Law 394/91 Framework law on protected areas and application problems

Law 157/92 Framework law for the protection of homeothermic wild fauna and for hunting

Draft laws

Current Community regulations

Provisions of financing and contributions in favour of land owners


Chapter 3

The hunting market: an economic and social analysis of hunters and the industry


Hunting associations

how to become a hunter

Hunting types

Hunting abroad

Hunting and the arms industry

Related activities. Brief notes on specialised publishing




Some considerations on the opportunities offered to the hunting and farming world by law 157/92

Hunting activity and wildlife planning

Hunting farms

The hunting market



Chapter 4

Hunting and the press in the Nineties

Hunting and the press in the nineties

The terms of the debate

Articles by type

When we talk about hunting




Language: titles and contents

What they say about you… Opinions on hunting reported by Italian newspapers (1992-1995)

Hunting magazines

Specialised periodicals: history and circulation

The profile of “Diana” readers

Interviews: the attitude of the press towards the “hunting” theme

Antonio Cianciullo, secretary of Aiga

Marco Ciarafoni, secretary general of Unavi

Grazia Francescato, president of WWF

Giuliano Incerpi, director of the magazine “Diana”.

Bruno Modugno, journalist, environmentalist, hunter


Chapter 5

Bibliographic research. A documentation path on hunting

Introductory notes

From the unification of Italy to the first national law n. 1420/’23

After the first national law, consumerism, the evolution of the thematics: law n. 968/’77

From 1978 to 1990: the decade of referendums

The nineties, law n. 157/92: hunting federalism

The factsheets

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