Out of alcohol. Survey on alcoholics in rehabilitation (2000)

The study “Four pictures for the 8th of March” contributes to the discussion on the condition of women through four themes.

Women and work: until a few years ago, Italian women entered the world of work very young and with a low level of education, leaving it on the occasion of marriage, sometimes by choice, more often by compulsion. Today this stereotype seems destined to disappear.

Women and the family: to better understand the difficulties women encounter in the world of work, it is essential to consider how they experience what has become the main obstacle for a woman who works or tries to work: motherhood and childcare. A whole series of needs and requirements that are not always recognised hinge on this specific role.

Women and violence: just in this period, the Court of Cassation has pronounced a sentence recognising the crime of sexual violence also in case of ‘passivity of the woman’. Unfortunately, it is well known to most people that rape and sexual violence are still among the least reported crimes.

Women and politics: it remains unclear why women, who are as cultured, determined and healthily ambitious as men, continue to be disadvantaged in employment and careers, including in politics. There can only be one explanation: the so-called ‘glass ceiling’, an invisible but existing obstacle that does not allow most women to enter the ranks of those in power tangibly and visibly: many of them are workers, few are managers.

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Alcoholism from the point of view of those attempting to recover from it

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