Barack Obama’s first 100 days (2009)

The majority of Italians, 86.6%, are satisfied with the actions implemented in America by Obama in his first 100 days in office (fairly 52.6% and very 34%). These are some of the important results that emerge from the survey conducted by Eurispes in collaboration with the Italy USA Foundation. The survey aimed at gathering, also in Italy, the level of appreciation and the degree of agreement with the Obama character and the policies announced and implemented to date.The first 100 days of President Obama’s term of office have represented a symbolic milestone, felt in a shared way as the first point of arrival of a policy that is swaying the United States towards a new political, economic and social course. The policies implemented by the “yes, we can” President seem to have convinced all Italians without distinction. Obama has managed to win the hearts of Italians probably because he has shown himself to be a political leader who is attentive to the market and at the same time a firm advocate for social protection and human and civil rights.



Italians: a plebiscite for Obama

Appendix. Overview of the Obama Presidency

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The survey carried out by Eurispes in collaboration with the Italy USA Foundation collects, also in Italy, the level of appreciation of President Obama

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