The cost of political information in Italy (1993)

In a segment like that of political publishing, the survey aims not only to detect the extent and rate of growth of a deficit – that is largely taken for granted – but primarily to identify the mechanisms and management logics behind it. In this sense, publishing management has emerged that is oriented towards shifting the negative economic results onto the State and, through a specially constructed legislative model, moving the company’s primary objective from the newspaper product to the public contribution.

The presence of this substantial State contribution, precisely because it is specifically provided for by the Law on Publishing, is in some ways, even if not directly, a parallel form of public financing of party activities, a very topical issue after the referendum of 18 April.


Chapter 1. The context
Chapter 2. Editorial management
Chapter 3. Publishing revenues
Chapter 4. Non-publishing revenues
Chapter 5. The final result

Summary Document

Funding and political publishing: an Italian case in point

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