Open for holidays. Eurispes survey on the prostitution market (2003)

Only one in 30 prostitutes go on holiday in August. The survey on the paid sex market classifies tariffs into four types: luxury, high, medium for indoor prostitution, low for street prostitution. The survey method was based on 300 telephone calls to sex workers working indoors, and direct contact with street prostitutes in four cities (Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo). One out of four fake ‘Beauty Centres’ closed for summer rest. Two out of 20 sex workers do not answer the phone or leave messages with the date and time of their return from short holidays. Among the luxury escorts, one out of eight moves to Formentera, Sardinia or Saint Tropez to combine business with pleasure: holidays and work. If the street sex market has no need for advertising because it is the prostitute’s body on display that conveys the message of the offer, that which takes place in flats, organised houses, centres, or at the client’s home, needs the appropriate “classified ads”. Until recently, there were only advertisements in newspapers and local journals. Nowadays, on the Internet and in specialist magazines, each advertisement has a photo of the person making the offer, together with a location and mobile phone number. With little effort and little money (a specialised magazine can be bought at the shop for only 6 euros), the customer has a more attractive and expensive catalogue than in traditional newspapers.



Only one in 30 prostitutes goes on holiday in August
Investigating rates. Note of method
The medium makes the price: escorts and chaperones, hotel and flat girls
The “sex divide” splits Italy
Prices on the streets: transgender sex workers cost more than women
Warning to the clientele: beware of the 899…
Appendix – Operations against street crime and effects on the fight against illegal prostitution

Summary Document

Is the sex market ‘going on holiday’? What are the rates and what new types of prostitution are emerging on the Internet?

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