Eurispes: four pictures for the 8th of March 2002

The research, carried out on the occasion of Women’s Day, is intended to contribute to the debate on the female condition, offering a cross-section of the female universe by analysing women concerning family, work, immigration and politics.

Italy holds the record for the number of 30-year-olds without children or husbands who live with their parents. The classic family model of the couple with children resists firmly. The model of unmarried couples has been increasing since the 1980s due to the professionalisation of women. The increasing participation of women in the labour market does not change the distribution of family tasks and the cultural approach to roles in general. Entry and permanence in the labour market are much more precarious, and in the rare cases where women outnumber men in positions considered to be more prestigious, attempts have been made to make up for it by downgrading professionalism. However, women continue to enter the labour market with higher qualifications than men. The very weak say in politics granted to Italian women by the political system has repercussions on the female attitude towards political issues, which is usually non-participatory. On the other hand, the high level of participation in humanitarian and social change activities demonstrates more a rejection of official power than a lack of interest in official issues.


The question of equal opportunities
in the formation of new male and female identities
Women and family
Women and immigration
Women and work
Women and politics
Final remarks

Summary Document

Family, work, immigration and politics: a contribution to the debate on the status of women

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