Lights and shadows of 8 March 2003

In Italy, ten women are killed every month. From December 2002 to February 2003, 31 women were murdered, compared to more than 42 family and relationship murders. Murders are exclusively attributable to the male sex: 18 permanent partners (between cohabitants, boyfriends, husbands) and three ex-partners (respectively an ex-boyfriend, a husband and a cohabitant). In addition, three sons killed their mother, and a grandson killed his 89-year-old grandmother. Of the 31 homicides recorded, 24 took place in the Centre-North and only six in the South and Islands. These are some of the data that emerge from the traditional analysis that Eurispes carries out on the female universe on the occasion of 8 March. A  mild celebration and getting worst every year, given that in six years sexual violence against women has increased by 259%, going from the already significant figure of 946 in 1995 to the record number of 2,447 in 2001.


The mimosa flower and the criminal cases
Trends: (little) increase in births, (much) decrease in abortions
Italians don’t want to change “194”: no to illegal abortions
The red light on employment: unsolved contradictions between work and family
Maybe it will be a pink one: women in politics


8 of March, a celebration in shadows and lights: 10 women are killed every month within the couple or the family. Abortion, employment and assisted reproduction are still left unsolved

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