Observatory on social vulnerability (1995)


The opportunity to monitor social vulnerabilities and the solidarity mechanisms they generate in the sensitive core of society arises from the primary need to know how much and how this solidarity has grown, matured and created situations that deserve support and development.

The aim is to keep the varied world of solidarity under observation, to constitute a benchmark for attitudes and trends towards diversity: at a time of acute crisis, when the tendency seems to be towards isolation, the expulsion of the most fragile individuals, rather than concentration around a nucleus of solid social values, talking about solidarity may be risky. On the other hand, however, it may seem audacious to try to build and propose a model of widespread but also structured solidarity, which has institutional references and symbols capable of taking prevention, assistance and support for the most fragile from a situation of randomness and temporariness to one of systematicity and effectiveness.


Summary Document

Society: areas of discomfort and solidarity

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