1st Report on the quality of life in Sardinia (1993)

This report represents a first attempt to interpret the quality of life in Sardinia through the immediate and direct perspective of the citizen. The methodological choice of the survey was to avoid first questioning the quantitative data from official sources and only then turning our attention to the considerations of social actors. The underlying assumption is that the level of quality of life cannot be deduced from a set of quantitative data alone because they are already, in many ways, the consequence of prior assumptions. Throughout these pages, Sardinia has been the subject of careful observation, which has touched on countless moments in the daily lives of individuals and their relationships. The reading of the data collected, recomposed following reasoned paths aimed at exalting oppositions rather than uniformities, has returned all the problems present in Sardinian society, but with new and unprecedented folds, and has shown a suffered social evolution, contradictory and at the same time rich in original elements and innovative ferments. The multiplicity of themes addressed makes this work an operational tool for the outputs of the sphere of values and emotions, in economic attitudes and expectations, in the concrete daily life behaviours, in the relationship with politics and the mass media, in cultural expressions, in the hope and expectations aroused by new promises of development, in the desire to seek unused balances and further ethical references.







A two-faced society

Lessons to be learned for today

The deficit of <>

Double obsolescence and double constraint

The need for a new planning approach

A society in search of itself

Reality and its double or the portrait of Dorian Grey


Common feeling

Between saying and doing…

A new Sardinian culture

Unexpected guests

Sardus pater… sarda mater

The ideal fall


The paths of development

Third sector or post-industrialisation?

The future of tourism

The culture of development

The development of culture


Living in the city/living in the province

Home, sweet home…

Condemned to TV

Cinema and theatre



But sleep…

The fatigue of everyday life

Insufficient services

Long waits

Municipal services


Consensus and power

Where the league is missing

Reflux and participation

The Gutenberg bells

Sense and dissent


Social climate

The promised land

Facelessness and lawlessness


In search of values

The myth of the “baleful” collapses

Towards a new diaspora



Giovanni Melis, Arturo Tornar

Radhouan Ben Amara, Giampiero Farru

Giuseppe Fois, Franco Rais

Remo Berardi, Andreano Madeddu, Franco Tassi

Ezio Mereu, Giuliano Murgia, Antonio Uda


The champion

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