The Psyche Market (1992)

The doctor of the mind is an ancient stereotype, a character that has entered the imagination of the Italians. It is traditionally portrayed in the guise of the severe and thoughtful analyst who invites his clients to lie down on a comfortable and troubling couch, well harmonised with the hidden and protective atmosphere in the fin de siècle style. But does the Italian reality, on the threshold of the year 2000, reflect this situation? If the figure of the psychotherapist is not very far from this identikit in the common imagination, it is enriched by many new attributes. The image of the modern psychotherapist has changed and considerably diversified. However, this evolution has not been reflected in the collective consciousness. But is it the psychological needs that have changed, together with the birth of new generations of potential beneficiaries, or is it the demand for psychotherapy that has become fragmented in the face of the numerous options on the market?


The psychotherapist
Beneficiaries and fees

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