International report on the skinhead right-wind (1993)

This report intends to explore a youth phenomenon, that of the bonehead, which has been summarily known only through mass media information to date. The bonehead movement combines traditional political elements with youth-subcultural elements to create a level of complexity that can only be tackled by combining the standard tools of socio-political analysis with those linked to youth subcultures. The study of sub- and countercultural trends implies a strong background focus on the significant ideological systems that characterise the contexts in which these lifestyles manifest themselves.

While dealing specifically with the bonehead strand, the report devote adequate space to the emergence of the skinhead subculture and its original characteristics. The first section describes the main elements of this style, reconstructs the origin and peculiarities of the current revivalist form, and outlines the evolution from lifestyle to the extreme right-wing political movement of the bonehead sector. The second section deals with the bonehead movement and its forms and perspectives in different countries. The third section is dedicated to the Italian situation: origin, characteristics, organisations and exploits of Italian boneheads, focusing on both ideological and operational aspects.



Part 1. The Skinhead Subculture
The Styles of British Youth
The Spirit of ’69
Skinhead revival
Oi! The kids they come
The Bonehead Movement

Part 2. The Bonehead Movement
Great Britain
The extreme right in Britain
The Rock White Power
War on the terraces
The German syndrome
The neo-Nazi galaxy before reunification
The neo-Nazi galaxy after reunification
Spelled “bonehead”, pronounced “Nazis”
Heil, Heil Rock’N’Roll!
Boneheads of the world
The Iberian Peninsula
The rest of Europe
Bonehead overseas

Part 3. The Bonehead movement in Italy
The subcultural area
The Italian Style
Latin rhythms
Sunday at the stadium
The political sphere
The radical right in the 1990s
The Autonomous Base
Relations with national-revolutionary groups
Between music and ideology: the skinzine
The ideological sphere of the bonehead movement
Presence on the territory
North-western Italy
Central Italy
Southern Italy
Sicily and Sardinia
Year 1990
Year 1991
Year 1992
Year 1993

Summary Document

Right-wing youth subcultures

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