Europe pays off (2005)

The rejection of the European Constitution by French and Dutch voters, Tony Blair’s decision to postpone indefinitely the referendum in the UK and the recent statements by members of the Lega have called into question the path to European unity, and have raised such doubts about the validity of the single currency. Therefore, there has been people suggesting the abolition of the euro and a return to the old national currencies. There have been a number of advocates of the old currencies in Italy, but also in Germany, France and the Netherlands.
After all, the euro has brought both advantages and disadvantages to the countries that have adopted it. These have been particularly evident in our Country, which has suffered the consequences more than others and has taken advantage of the opportunities.


The benefits of the euro
The damage of the euro
Back to the lira?
Changing currency is always dangerous

Summary Document

Euro introduction: Italy, more than others, suffered the consequences and took advantage of the opportunities

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