Stock exchanges resist the attacks. Quarterly report on stock market performance (2005)

At the end of July 2005, all the stock indices of the world’s main stock exchanges showed rising values. The hint of a negative trend that had caused concern last summer was completely eliminated and, once the Cirio and Parmalat crisis had passed, and confidence in Fiat had been restored, the Milan Stock Exchange was showing a growing trend, which was, however, much lower than the increases recorded in the spring by the main European markets. The confidence that invested London, Paris and Frankfurt, with indices that grew by over 6% (and Frankfurt by over 7%), was not affected by the bloody attacks in London.
The reaction of the financial markets to the major attacks carried out by terrorists in Western countries has gone from the fear that caused indices to plummet following the attack on the Twin Towers, to the concern that was quickly reabsorbed after the Madrid attacks, to almost total indifference towards the very serious London episode, as if the world of investors had metabolised the terrorist threat and now considered it a recurring event, not likely to affect financial expectations.


Europe takes off
All grow
A year of strong growth
At three-year highs
The Milan Stock Exchange
Investment funds
Technical note

Summary Document

At the end of July 2005, all share indices of the world’s major stock exchanges showed rising values

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