Public perception and attitude towards the Italian Armed Forces (1997)

In light of the new tasks that the political and geostrategic global situation today assigns to military force, the need for an overall reorganisation of the Italian Armed Forces is the essential prerequisite for any reflection and analysis on the role and function that they must play in a modern western democracy.

Now that the era of the opposing blocs and large armies is over, the new methods of intervention and the new panorama require new and innovative organisational models and decision-making processes. Within this framework, the capacity for rapid decision-making and the relationship with national and international public opinion play a central role. Thus, the defence of the national territory as the primary and essential function of the Armed Forces is progressively accompanied by the demand for new and possible functions, which make their action more up-to-date and adequate. Furthermore, the opportunities for society to become aware of public expenditure are transferred to a more visible and transparent level, facilitating communication dynamics with the military community.


Italians and the Armed Forces
Information on the Armed Forces
Women and the Armed Forces
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Summary Document

The reorganisation of the Armed Forces in light of the new tasks required by the international geopolitical situation

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