Affection, costs and revenues (1996)

After the gritty and cynical period of the eighties, in the nineties, the newspapers began to carry advertisements explicitly seeking staff with human qualities such as thoughtfulness, kindness and caring, as well as technical skills. With the specialists in feeling, the user builds a society and a field of solidarity. And so they bring together a world of emotions, memories and hopes.

An entire professional business sector is taking off as a recipe against the irrecoverable wound of the contemporary world, the affection deficit. Affection is invisible and intangible, but it has noticeable effects on everyone’s quality of life. The union of profit and feelings is one of the significant social and economic trends of the second half of the 1990s. The danger is that the market will not offer something authentic but merely surrogates to minimise discomfort, avoid trauma and mislead on the possibility of not suffering.



The combination of usefulness and loving-kindness against the Van Gogh syndrome

Do-goodism, heart and bon ton, infantile diseases of the affection trade

The quality of daily life in the sentiment hypermarket

Kindness professionals, emotionalists and affection organisers

Profession, family

New family members

Virtual family members

Salesmen of friends

Friends by contract

Dealers in fraternity


Company supporters
Escorts and entertainers

Agency staff for getting to know each other

Specialists in communication services for companionship

Bridges between invisible acquaintances

Affection assistants

Affection helpers

Human crutches

Angels for parents

Samaritans on a thread

Marriage brokers


Address brokers

Builders of meeting opportunities

Love brokers

Manufacturers of do-it-yourself engagement kits

Courtship and love maintainers

Teachers of amorous seduction

Third party Romance

Marriage support

Engagement to marriage guides

Wedding magicians

Anti-cheating professionals

Human bonding agents for couples

Soluble marriage professionals

Virtuous divorce practitioners

Business and occupations of hard separations

Props for re-singles

The professions of the hard heart

Professionals of emotional intercourse

Therapeutic lovers

Workers in pink-light

Doctor of seduction

Eros affective guides

Experts in affective reproduction

Affective procreators

Demiurges of life

Baby carers (of all ages)

Open-hearted Hippocrates

Sanitarians with feeling

Professionals of the neo-mythology of AIDS as a business of love

Professionals of affective-biological freedom by surgery


Specialists of the good death

Virgilio for an exit surrounded by human warmth

Vip-corpse organisers at work


The mercantile feeling, new social glue

Affection, incubator of new entrepreneurship

The social obligation to emotional enjoyment

Affection can be sold, but first it must be learned

A boot at good manners school

When white gloves are not enough

Loving robots and indifferent humans

Pills of affection against the daily apocalypse

Experts “with heart” between business and bureaucracy

Making products by giving

The image-places of the affection market

The seduction and tragedy of human touch: the emotional swindler

From volunteering to emotional non-profit

Analytical index of affective jobs and professionals

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Summary Document

An entire professional business sector is emerging as a recipe for today’s irrecoverable wound: the affection deficit

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