Stock exchange: out of the tunnel. Four-monthly report on stock market performance (2002)

Eurispes notes that, at the end of 2002, the stock markets seem to have come out of the tunnel. The reference date is 9 October 2002, which appears to have been the turning point everyone was waiting for. Since that day, all the stock exchanges under observation have risen, with the partial exception of Tokyo. This conclusion is based on two considerations: the continuity of growth from then to now and, above all, the global nature of the trend reversal that has affected all the leading stock exchanges since that date. The general indexes of all the other stock exchanges have increased in a very respectable way if we consider that they occurred in the space of fifty days. Eurispes points out that up to 9 October 2002, all the stock exchanges under observation (except Nasdaq) have decreased, continuing a downward trend that had started for all of them at least a year earlier, and that since the exact date, the general indexes of all the stock exchanges have increased again. The case of the Nasdaq was different, as its new positive trend dates back to 9 October 2002, and its index began to rise in August. The Milan Stock Exchange, like all the leading world stock exchanges, is still struggling to get back on its feet. Considering the reference price of the shares of some top Italian companies, we can see which stocks have been bucking the trend.


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By the end of 2002, stock exchanges seemed to have come out of the woods and start growing again

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