Mafia internationalism. The world crime market and its hidden financial flows (1994)

There are increasingly persistent signs of the progressive integration of illegal markets and global criminal players. The complexity of international trafficking has forced the various mafia and criminal organisations worldwide to enter into agreements that allow for a rational capitalisation of financial resources and products to be marketed. The need to recycle and reinvest the enormous illegal profits has led to a greater propensity for interaction between the various criminal organisations. The internationalisation of drug trafficking also allows those criminals who manage to gain functional space to acquire massive revenues.

It is to relaunch these issues, also given the United Nations World Ministerial Conference on Crime in November 1994, Eurispes considered it appropriate to study major criminal organisations.


Italian organised crime
The Sicilian Cosa Nostra
La ‘Ndrangheta
The Camorra
The Apulian Mafia
American Cosa Nostra
Colombian cartels
Chinese Triads
The Japanese Yakuza
The Russian Mafia
Turkish mafia


Organised crime within globalisation processes

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