Il cacciatore tra federalismo e ambientalismo (2001)

But what is hunting? Hunting encompasses a universe of symbolism and meanings. Therefore, it requires attention and a capacity for analysis. The numerous studies that Eurispes has produced on the subject reveal a profound change in the way of living and practising hunting.
Hunting has changed. It has rediscovered itself after the boom in consumer hunting. The hunter has returned to being an active and essential subject, not for the predation of the land, but its wise administration.
The identikit we have come to outline shows the emergence not of a sportsman but of a wise administrator who takes on and assumes the task of passing on naturalistic knowledge to future generations. As a result, the misunderstandings that have set environmentalists, hunters and farmers against each other are disappearing. Through the action of the environmentalist hunter, the hunting world is beginning to regain a role and a function that is no longer just recreational but returns to being of land management and contribution to the construction of a real and lasting sustainable development.

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Hunting and the territory: a possible match

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