To become an homeless, it can happen to anybody 1991

The research entitled ‘Anyone can become homeless’ is a detailed study of the complex problem of homelessness in London and takes as its starting point the more general situation in England. Even highly civilised England has more problems than we realise. A decade of Thatcherism and the dismantling of the Welfare State have left deep imprints on English society that might help us to think more carefully about our social policies. At the same time as the European Single Market, Eurispes is projecting its activities into an international and, in this particular case, European dimension, to keep under observation social realities that are apparently close, but that we often know only superficially.



Chapter 1. Homelessness: socio-legal excursus
Chapter 2. The Eighties and the new phenomenon typology
Chapter 3. The true face of homelessness: unofficial statistics
Chapter 4. Some trends and an overview

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