The ‘Ndrangheta’s turnover (2005)

The turnover of the ‘ndrangheta, estimated by Eurispes for 2004, amounts to almost 36 billion euro. An ‘outlawed’ turnover equal to 3.4% of the national gross domestic product, estimated at approximately 1,052 billion euro. The most profitable sector is still drug trafficking, which is estimated to generate revenues of about 22,300 million euros. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in this particular illegal activity: the ‘cosche’ aim to optimise efforts and risks towards greater and more prudent management of international drug flows. Among the largest income is also confirmed those linked to rigged public tenders and co-participation in enterprises in general: over 4,700 million euro estimated, equal to about 18.6% of the total wealth produced in Calabria. The attitude adopted by entrepreneurs is becoming more and more worrying and growing: they consider the payment of the tangent to organised crime as an unavoidable passive item in the balance of the budget, to be charged, therefore, among the costs of their company, right from the moment they participate in the tender. Usury is also a widespread, albeit undeclared, phenomenon. In this illicit activity, the ‘ndrangheta is second only to the camorra, with an estimated turnover, in 2004, of over 4,100 million euro. It is a rapidly expanding market that is not directly managed by the cosche, but relies on close associates, who represent the trait d’union between the so-called civil society and the mafia society and who also deal with the re-investment of the illicit proceeds of the cosche. Usury represents an advanced form of mafia infiltration, which is denoted, in most cases, by a dangerous combination of business, banking policies and organised crime. Finally, with regard to arms trafficking and prostitution, Eurispes estimated the total illegal income of the Calabrian gangs in 2004 at over EUR 4,600 million.


‘Ndrangheta: in 2004, turnover equal to 3.4% of the national GDP
Reggio Calabria confirms itself as the most vulnerable province to the ‘Ndrangheta
Ndrangheta and institutions: 323 administrators affected, over 32 municipal  councils, 7 were dissolved

Trust in the Institutions: Church and Judiciary increase, parties collapse

Summary Document

The turnover of the ‘ndrangheta, estimated by Eurispes for 2004, amounts to almost 36 billion euro. An “outlawed” turnover equal to 3.4% of the GDP

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