Italy that swindles. Small and large-scale illegalities in Italy (1995)

There is an Italy that works and is productive, but there is also an Italy that cheats and that prefers to take advantage of the State rather than to serve it. Our country is also a variegated and articulated construction site, a laboratory of swindles, frauds, deceptions and scams, with a turnover of hundreds of billions. Despite the dense network of formal rules and controls, and precisely because of the lack of simple and clear rules and regulations, we evade and avoid taxes without regrets, we counterfeit money and Cct, clothing and other brands, groceries, videotapes, cheques and invoices. Moreover, we defraud insurance, health, social security and the European Community and we practice illegal building. Furthermore, we abuse the environment by waiting for an amnesty or a settlement, which every government always gives us, we steal works of art, from department stores, water and electricity. In addition, we defraud on public transport and even in bars. In these pages you will not find deep insights into Tangentopoli and its actors, nor the exploits of organised crime, nor the unhinged agitation of mixed criminality. This work does not pretend to be exhaustive, but it is the first analytical research into a system with a thousand small and large satellites, known and less known. This research – halfway between a journalistic enquiry and a cognitive research investigation in the galaxy of a thousand frauds – analyses a long list of the most frequent swindles, classified in 80 chapters, in alphabetical order, as in a dictionary. It is certainly an instructive read in this fragmented, schizophrenic and molecular society, which sends out perverse messages implicitly inviting us to just take our own advantage, no matter the circumstances.





Chapter 1. False cheques

Chapter 2. Absenteeism

Chapter 3. Road traffic offences

Chapter 4. Miscellaneous

Chapter 5. False invoices

Chapter 6. False enterprises and false entrepreneurs

Chapter 7. False pensions

Chapter 8. False artisans

Chapter 9. False labourers

Chapter 10. False contracts

Chapter 11. False financiers

Chapter 12. False poor people

Chapter 13. Fake civil invalids

Chapter 14. Fake fishermen

Chapter 15. Fake overtime

Chapter 16. Thefts at department stores

Chapter 17. Fake hard-discounts

Chapter 18. The fake bagman

Chapter 19. Tax havens

Chapter 20. The “Portuguese”

Chapter 21. The “Portuguese” at the bar

Chapter 22. Cheating

Chapter 23. The unlicensed bar

Chapter 24. The business of money and fake Ccts

Chapter 25. The business of the dearly departed

Chapter 26. The business of the disabled

Chapter 27. The business of the inflated muscle

Chapter 28. The business of pedigree

Chapter 29. The photocopy business

Chapter 30. The smuggling business

Chapter 31. Fake furniture

Chapter 32. The market in repeats

Chapter 33. The violated environment

Chapter 34. The stolen art

Chapter 35. The black economy: squatters and double workers

Chapter 36. Tax avoidance

Chapter 37. TV licence fee evasion

Chapter 38. Tax evasion

Chapter 39. The broken Italy

Chapter 40. The house of tricks

Chapter 41. The house between abuses and amnesties

Chapter 42. The phantom redundancy fund

Chapter 43. The fake “green” petrol

Chapter 44. Electronic piracy

Chapter 45. Misleading advertising

Chapter 46. Fake reference

Chapter 47. The illegal waste management

Chapter 48. The social housing scam

Chapter 49. The forest fire scam

Chapter 50. The teacher competitions scam

Chapter 51. The Cee professional courses scam

Chapter 52. The spirits scam

Chapter 53. The “chemical” apple scam

Chapter 54. The motorway scam

Chapter 55. The Gescal withholding tax scam

Chapter 56. The holiday scam

Chapter 57. The diesel fraud

Chapter 58. The occult scam

Chapter 59. The cable sex fraud

Chapter 60. The phone scam

Chapter 61. The wild eagle fraud

Chapter 62. The Termoli ” fraud

Chapter 63. The esoteric fraud

Chapter 64. Areas at risk

Chapter 65. Fake credit cards

Chapter 66. Fake cooperatives

Chapter 67. Fake news

Chapter 68. Food fraud

Chapter 69. Insurance fraud

Chapter 70. Insurance fraud

Chapter 71. Video fraud

Chapter 72. Communication fraud

Chapter 73. Trademark fraud

Chapter 74. Water fraud

Chapter 75. State scams

Chapter 76. Electricity frauds

Chapter 77. Electronic frauds

Chapter 78. Health care fraud

Chapter 79. Internet fraud

Chapter 80. American-style frauds

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