Disabled people: back to square one, from dissipation to investment (1994)

There are four million Italians without full autonomy, about seven million pensions for absolute or relative invalidity, an expenditure commitment of the State of over 80,000 billion lire a year already in 1991, a set of payments, services, consumption, investments and benefits whose value cannot be estimated at less than 130,000 billion Lira. In extreme synthesis, these are the results of the research that Eurispes has carried out in collaboration with the National Association of Civilian Disabled Persons (ANMIC). That is proposed as a first contribution to define the boundaries of the characteristics of reality in continuous evolution and constant growth. The White Paper develops and emphasises the need to assess the social category of disabled people’s economic impact. The needs of people with disabilities go beyond simple state assistance. They are the needs and demands of citizens who consume, in many cases work and, where the architecture of our cities allows, move around and attempt to live a normal life. If adequately assessed, they are potentially and rightfully part of an economic circuit that can see them as active subjects of financial investment. The fundamental message of the research is: we need to work towards a change in culture and welfare intervention that moves from the concept of the disabled to that of holders of rights.







From dissipation to investment

How many people are handicapped

Some accounts of handicap


Chapter 1. Between reality and simulation

The words to say it: thinking about “handicap”.

The alchemy of statistics: how many disabled people there are

Istat data

Civil Invalids

More numbers


Chapter 2. Pandora’s Box: the Welfare System, Associations and Disability

From institutionalization to integration, from assistance to autonomy: still, a way to go?

From “Providence” to participation, from charity to solidarity: the non-profit organisations

Between old and new: a list of associations in the disability sector

A survey of associations working in the disability sector: some considerations

Amnic, history of an itinerary


Chapter 3. Expenditure on disability

Definition of the field of investigation

Disability pensions

Development of Expenditure on Invalidity Pensions

Inail pensions

Inps pensions

Ministry of Interior pensions

Reasons for the expansion of disability pensions in Italy

The causes of the decline in disability pensions

Some proposals for changes to the disability pension system

Inail pensions

Inps pensions

Welfare pensions

Main points for reform of invalidity treatments in Italy

Invalidity pensions in the main EU countries



The Netherlands

United Kingdom

The technical aids market

The tariff nomenclature

The latest technologies

Rehabilitation centres

Policy perspectives for people with disabilities


Chapter 4. The message of the mass media and the evolution of the figure of the disabled person in the collective imagination

The image of the handicap before the affirmation of the media system


The press: Zeno’s paradox

Television: between academics and charlatans


The cinema: all-round figures in an opaque mirror

Advertising: between persuaders and the persuaded

Television fiction: the magical world of the handicapped superman


Bibliographical references


Chapter 5. Regulation and handicap


The Current Situation

Protected categories

Standards of protection

At least ten causes of discrimination

Legislative appendices

National laws in chronological order

Appendix by typology

Regional legislative appendix

Regional legislative appendix by typology

Proposed legislation 1992-1993

EEC and Council of Europe provisions

List of national associations working in the field of disability

Associations’ files

Statistical appendix


Chapter 6. Interviews

Introduction to the interviews

The interview guide

Recurring themes

Cultural change

Law 104 of 1992

Workforce integration of people with disabilities


Chapter 7. The interviewees

Lino Armellin

Pietro Barbieri

Augusto Battaglia

Giuseppe Bicocchi

Roberto Bressanello

Gianfranco Cannata

Letizia Capra

Nina Daita

Tommaso Daniele

Lucia De Anna

Remo Del Genio

Lia Fabbri

Mario Filippi

Giovanni Francese

Lorenzo Gatto

Italo Giuffrè

Antonio Guidi

Alvido Lambrilli

Gabriel Levi

Giuseppe Niotta

Salvatore Nocera

Adriano Ossicini

Luca Pancalli

Susanna Rauber

Luigi Rodriguez

Constantine Rossi

Aida Russo

Giuliano Salvatori

Felice Scalvini

Maria Grazia Serpa

Luciano Travazza

Bruno Trescari

Renzo Tornatore

Raffaele Tortora

Antonio Vernole

Fabrizio Vescovo

Antonio Vindigni

Rosina Zandano

File Indice

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