Tales of Ordinary Madness in Emilia Romagna Region. The white Fiat Uno gang and the communications interference of the armed wing (1995)

The tragic, violent acts perpetrated by a ruthless group of robbers, identified as the Savi brothers and their accomplices, which took place in several localities of the Emilia Romana region in the period between 1987 and 1994, have engaged investigators and scholars in a considerable analytical effort to fully understand the meaning of a criminal action characterised by inconsistencies and excesses. In the collective effort to understand such serious and destabilising facts, the commitment of the Parliamentary Commission on Terrorism in Italy and its failure to identify those responsible for the massacres has emerged.

The work intends to be an ideal continuation of the analysis undertaken by the Commission, in a constructive perspective that solely aims at enriching the know-how acquired over the years by scholars and investigators, with evaluations and analysis of a strategic and methodological nature. The object of study is, on the one side, the operative strategies of the Uno Bianca gang and, on the other, the political-cultural contents of what can be defined as the communication interferences of this armed gang.



Chapter 1
Methodologies of criminal action of the White Fiat Uno gang

Chapter 2
The communication interference operated by the Armed gang

Chapter 3
The symbolic, cultural and political universe of the Armed gang


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