Ethics and enterprise. Entrepreneurs facing the “centesimus annus” (1994)

How does our business class view Centesimus Annus and the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church? This is the basic question this survey of 1000 entrepreneurs attempted to answer. It is of great interest because it is the first research carried out directly in the field in order to grasp the characteristics of the business entrepreneur as a person, in addition to being the head of a company, and to embody a figure that is often confused on a theoretical level.
The research “listened” to entrepreneurs operating in different production sectors and running companies with different legal forms, in the attempt to capture the singularity of the entrepreneurial phenomenon, but also to highlight any differences that might emerge between the various groups. Without neglecting the classic sociological aspects, the focus of the survey was on the social and moral sensitivity of the entrepreneur, and also on his compliance with the most salient points of the Centesimus Annus.


Introduction to data analysis
The problem of economic activity between profit and morality

Chapter 1
Who our interviewees are

Chapter Two
Political and religious values

Chapter 3
The image of capitalism and the role of business

Chapter 4 The entrepreneur and the world of work
The entrepreneur and the world of work

Chapter 5 External actors
External actors: the State, the trade unions, the parties

Chapter 6
International problems and Third World countries

Chapter 7 The Church and the contemporary world
The Church and the contemporary world

Final remarks

Summary Document

Not just business: the social and moral sensitivity of the entrepreneur

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