Strategic Observatory on Rome: which ruling class for which project and for which economy (2001)

An important fact emerged from this survey is that the ruling class, both in Rome and nationally, has changed considerably over the last five to six years. After a period of lethargy in which it appeared to be stuck, the ruling class has evolved, demonstrating a sense of enterprise and a sense of the State, and thus a greater awareness of the role it plays. There has been a general increase in the level of professionalism and managerial skills. Moreover, the cultural level and ethical awareness have improved, possibly also through the inclusion of younger and more motivated staff. Greater attention is perceived towards local needs, in terms of services, economic development and international outreach. The most positive element is probably the willingness to engage in dialogue between the municipality, the province and the region, regardless of political preconceptions, which could produce important results for the area’ s development. In the first phase of the study, the concept of the ruling class was theoretically defined with reference to the Roman reality. Subsequently, the context in which the Roman ruling class is called upon to operate was described. Methodologically, the background analysis focused on the collection of secondary data and the examination of the most relevant opinions gathered through the consultation of press reviews and specialised bibliography of the last three years. The main body of the study involved conducting a series of interviews with a suitable number of privileged witnesses.






Strategic Observatory on Rome: which ruling class for which project and for which economy

The ruling class: let’s try to outline it

Is one born or does one become a ruling class?

A critical analysis of the Italian ruling class

Political class and economic-social elites: towards a “Country in Team”?

Looking to the future


The territory: economy and business

The scenario

Some demographic data



The services sector

Trade and crafts

Economic policy and the promotion of a dynamic environment


A ruling class in the mirror

Introductory note

Ongoing training and debate

The ruling class of Rome

A common effort

What future for Rome?

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