Eurispes, Institute for Political, Economic and Social Studies, founded and chaired by Gian Maria Fara, is a private organisation and has been working in political, economic and social research since 1982.

Since 1986 the Institute has been registered in the National Register of Research Institutions of MIUR.

In its 40 years of activity, Eurispes has carried out hundreds of research projects. Every year we publish the Italy Report, now in its 35th edition, which draws a sociological picture of Italy today.

Eurispes’ activities include the realisation and dissemination of various research lines, drawing partnerships with other institutional and private entities, developing projects that address some of the issues identified through the constant monitoring of the Italian situation also in comparison with European and non-European countries. Furthermore, Eurispes promotes and organises meetings and conferences, arranges training courses, and promotes knowledge dissemination.

Examples of this are the 13 National Reports on Childhood and Adolescence produced in collaboration with Telefono Azzurro; the 3 Reports on Italian Excellence; the 6th editions of the Report on Agro-food Crimes, produced in partnership with Coldiretti.

Over 900,000 pages of studies, analyses, investigations and reflections have been produced throughout the years. More than 100 political and institutional hearings have been held.  We have built a press archive covering the last 36 years and containing more than 2 million articles catalogued under more than 400 thematic headings collected from the periodical and daily press. Most importantly, Eurispes has contributed to the emergence of numerous hidden or little-known social phenomena, effectively carrying out an actual work of “social scouting”.

Our work has often animated the social, political and economic debate, inspiring – on numerous occasions – the legislator’s activity. As in the case of the law on compulsory helmet use, the law on pornography, and the law on alcohol consumption. The Institute’s media resonance is testified to by the more than 150,000 articles, national and international press, radio and TV titles published on its activities. Actually, more than 15,000 books cite Eurispes.

The operational body of the Institute is made up of the President, the Secretary-General, the Executive Board and the Scientific Committee. Over the years, the Institute has established a close relationship with both the national and the international scientific community, enhanced by a continuous exchange of information and experiences and an intense collaboration in the organisation of seminars, conventions, publishing initiatives, debates and conferences.

The independent study carried out annually by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) ranks Eurispes among the top 150 think tanks in the world for importance and authority.

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