Legal gaming and addictions in Apulia (2018)

Almost 9,000 fewer jobs and approximately 80% of gambling outlets set to close their doors: this is Eurispes’ estimate of the employment impact of the contraction of legal gaming in Apulia if regional law 43/2013 is fully implemented on December 20, 2018.

Eurispes presents the Report “Legal gaming and addictions in Apulia,” produced in the framework of the activities of the Permanent Observatory on Gaming, Legality, and Pathologies, at a critical juncture in the world of gaming in Apulia, on the eve of important decisions by the Regional Administration. A study that proposes an analysis of the horizons that are anticipated in the short term, depending on the decisions that will be made regarding the application of Law 43/2013, an in-depth analysis of the activity of the Departments of Pathological Addictions, a simulation of the effects on employment from the implementation of the “distance meter,” a review of case law on the themes of gaming in Puglia and on the activity of the Municipalities, and some interventions of personalities from Puglia that deepen aspects and contradictions of what is happening in the gaming galaxy of the region.

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