The burning forest (1991)

The research is structured on different levels: from the scale of the phenomenon, its causes and the damage it produces to the moment we consider most important, namely that of prevention and control. This report represents an initial approach to the problem, just an initial contribution to the awareness of nature protection from fire. The gaps in intervention indicated by the research demonstrate the lack of interest in many sectors, which results in a confusion of competencies and the limited funds allocated to this issue.






Chapter 1. The extent of the phenomenon

Fires in Italy and in the Mediterranean countries

Future prospects


Chapter 2. The causes of fires

Unintentional causes

Voluntary causes


Chapter 3. Fire damage


The loss of human life

Fire-fighting costs

Economic assets destroyed by fire

Changes to the hydrogeological balance

Changes to the ecosystem

Alteration of the landscape

Image loss

Restoration and reclamation costs


Chapter 4. Fire prevention, monitoring and control



Sighting, monitoring, control and reporting



Chapter 5. Annexes

Fire prevention rules and rules of behaviour in the face of fire

From arsonists to firefighters

Overview of state legislation on forest fires

Fire monitoring with infrared from the ground

Statistical tables

Fires and fire-affected areas in Italy from 1981 to 1988

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