Moving towards future… First conference on the development and employment in the Province of Rome (2001)

Governance of the territory means concerted action, but concerted action that starts from the needs that arise from below and is reflected in the instruments of government that are institutionally the responsibility of the public body. Today, the Province’s role is to act as a director in all aspects of territorial development, where development is not only linked to economic growth, but also to the employment, social and cultural development of the administered area. In order to identify in the first instance which specific objectives are to be privileged in the policies of regeneration of the urban and territorial fabric of the province, it is immediate to refer to economic development, the development of employment and the creation of opportunities for competitive differentiation, the latter to the advantage of both the system of enterprises and of well-defined territorial sub-areas.
The Province’s power to intervene in these areas is enhanced by its competencies in the field of spatial planning, which it exercises as an intermediate body between the Region and the Municipalities indirect application of the principle of subsidiarity. This configures a model of global planning in which the dialectic between local authorities is freed from hierarchical relations and rather envisages a participatory type of competition between each of the three levels of local government.


Chapter 1


The scenario of new institutional functions in the perspective of decentralisation


Chapter 2


Economy and development


Chapter 3




Chapter 4


Negotiated planning as a central element for the socio-economic development of the territory


Chapter 5


The development and employment policies of the Province of Rome


Summary Document

The leading role of the Province in the different aspects of territorial development

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