"Research is a value to be shared and a common good"

The Eurispes is a private institute providing political, economic and social research. Since 1982, it draws a sociological forecast of the future of Italy.

The Institute has carried out hundreds of studies in its 40 years of activity. Since 1989, the Italy Report describes our country and the socio-economic and cultural changes in progress annually.

More than 900,000 pages of studies, analyses, surveys and reflections have been published; more than 100 political and institutional hearings have been held; and a press archive covering the last 36 years has been built, containing more than 2 million articles catalogued under more than 400 thematic headings collected from the periodical and daily press.

The work of Eurispes has contributed to the emergence of numerous hidden or little-known social phenomena, conducting a veritable ‘social scouting’ exercise. The studies carried out have often animated the social, political and economic debate, inspiring, on numerous occasions, the legislator’s activities, as in the case of the law on compulsory helmet use, the law on pornography, and the law on alcohol.

The Institute’s media resonance is demonstrated by the more than 150,000 articles, national and international press, radio and TV titles published on its activities. More than 15,000 books cite Eurispes’ data.

An independent study by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) ranks Eurispes among the top 150 think tanks globally in terms of importance and authority.

L’Eurispes.it is the Eurispes official magazine. It is the first publication project in Italy that originates directly from a research institute, aiming to resume and further develop the research activity that has symbolised more than thirty years of activity.



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Reports and Research

Eurispes Reports represent, since 1982, a point of reference for institutions, universities, media, businesses and citizens. A special observatory of Italy and the world


Eurispes has set up permanent observatories and specific laboratories on fundamental topics for Italy in terms of growth and social and economic impact. The aim is to analyse the phenomena related to the individual macro-themes identified, investigate the most innovative aspects and promote debate among institutions and public opinion.

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