Survey on the profession of journalist in Italy (1997)

Through self-perception and self-analysis, the socio-cultural and professional profile of journalists in Italy is being reconstructed. This is an original attempt to define the main cultural processes that the information civilisation initiates on the social scene. A careful and objective redefinition of this profession’s identity is intended as an early cognitive contribution to the universe of information in our Country, to what it means to be a journalist today, and to the questions that this profession is asking itself regarding the role of information. Precisely because of their undisputed ability to provide guidance, the sector’s exponents are faced with significant problems that affect ethics and professional deontology, requiring a guarantee for clarity and shared guidelines.








Part 1: The sample survey




Chapter 1. The professional profile


The socio-demographic profile


Distribution and organisation of functions




Chapter 2. Training and social life of the journalist


The socio-cultural educational background of the journalist


Cultural consumption




Chapter 3. Access to the profession


The journalist’s career


Professional motivations and expectations


School or apprenticeship


Career paths




Chapter 4. Identity and social role of the journalist


The quality of information


When information provides misleading information


Ethics, professionalism and information


Image and role of information


Information and the evolution of the political system


Journalistic investigations


Public opinion


Opinion polls


The Foreign Press




Chapter 5. Information and New Technologies


Technological developments in the information sector




Chapter 6. Ethics and institutions: the need for reform


The deontological charters


Professional bodies: the judgement




Chapter 7. In the newsroom: the professional and social dimensions


Satisfaction and autonomy in the journalist’s profession


The quality of relationships with colleagues


Level of autonomy




Part two: in-depth interviews




Volume I




Reading guide




In-depth interviews




The interviewees




Volume II




In-depth interviews




Bibliographic research




Mass Communications




















Top authors




History of journalism




Radio – TV

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