Workplace accident hours (2003)

In 2001, there were 1,431 so-called ‘white victims’. More than three people a day lost their lives at their place of work. It is for these reasons that regardless of the magnitude of the episode – whether it is simply an accident of such seriousness as to have a reversible and temporary effect on the quality of life of the worker or an accident with serious, tragic and often irreparable effects on the surrounding population and environment, as well as on the workers directly involved – it seems necessary to examine the factors and circumstances that seem to be associated with working hours and accidents at work. The aim of this study, above all, is to suggest proposals for necessary, consequent interventions in line with safety and prevention policies in the workplace.


Chapter 1. Accident risk factors
Chapter 2. The ‘time of day’ factor
Chapter 3. Ordinal Time
Chapter 4. Towards quality of prevention and intervention

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Summary Document

Work-related deaths: in 2001 alone there were 1,431 victims: more than 3 people a day lost their lives in the workplace

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